• Dear Sirs and Madams
    Dear Customers
    Dear Partners
    Dear Employees

    On behalf of my closest Cooworkers and myself, I would like to thank all of you for a long-lasting cooperation, and a huge involvement and support that we recieved in those last years of our activityfor our Company and the whole Fota Team.

    We were fortunate to cooperate with exceptionally loyal Customers and competent Patrnters. We also created a great harmonious team of Coworkers.

    We are grateful to you for your understanding, especially in such difficult conditions created by theinsolvency law. Thank you for your courtesy, kind words and gestures which we recieved every day.

    Jakub Fota and Coworkers


Our company delivers spare parts for the following types vehicles:

  • passenger cars,
  • delivery cars,
  • trucks,

manufactured by the leading worldwide producers / suppliers including ATE, Bosch, ZF, SKF, Filtron, Febi ... >>