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Jakub Fota - Chairman of the Board

Jakub Fota is a graduate of the Higher School of Administration and Business in Gdynia, where he obtained his B.A. in Management in 2012. He has been professionally involved with FOTA S.A. for years, working as a sales representative, internal control specialist and, since 2013, he has been responsible for the development of sales through new distribution channels. In the years 2003-2009, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of FOTA S.A. In the years 2008-2011, he was a shareholder of Future Mind Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw and, simultaneously, a member of the Management Board responsible for sales. In the years 2009-2011, he was a member of the Management Board responsible for sales in eLOT Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw. Jakub Fota has participated in numerous trainings within the scope of management, marketing and motivation. He is fluent in English. Currently, Jakub Fota is conducting business activity under the name STREFA Jakub Fota with its registered office in Sopot. The activity is not competitive against the activity performed by the Issuer's enterprise.



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